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Writing for the Forward

The Forward regularly accepts submissions from outside writers. For starters, the best guideline to our style and content is the paper itself, and the best way to figure out what we’re looking for is to read it. Beyond this, here are some details to assist you in pitching stories to our editors.

Rights: If your piece is accepted, we will require a signed contract. The Forward acquires exclusive, first-time print publication rights to accepted pieces. The Forward also receives a subsequent non-exclusive license to reproduce, distribute adapt or display the work in any medium worldwide during the copyright term of the article. Authors own the rights to and are free to sell or license the Work elsewhere two (2) weeks after its initial publication in any of the Forward newspapers. Any income from such sale or licensing belongs to the author.

Payment: Fees differ depending on the section and the piece in question. Upon commissioning a piece, your editor should inform you of the rate. (If he or she does not, feel free to ask.) In the event that a piece accepted for publication is killed, the writer will receive 50% of the agreed-upon fee.

Pitching: The most efficient way to submit a query is via email, to the appropriate editor (see below). We consider both completed articles and pitches, and simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are notified. Mailed or faxed submissions may not receive a reply.

A note of advice: We look kindly upon formal pitches — those comprising the first few paragraphs of the prospective piece, including the section commonly referred to as the nut graf. Stories from outside the New York metropolitan area are in particular demand. Also, keep in mind that we are looking for material not already covered in other mainstream media. In addition, the Forward uses AP Style, and adherence to it in your pitches and final stories is greatly appreciated. Hold on to clips and any other large attachments, unless specifically requested by a Forward editor.

NEWS: The News section is looking for articles that tell unexpected stories about the Jewish world. The section includes breaking news, if it has not been covered elsewhere, but most of our freelance submissions look at unusual circumstances, people and/or trends. The most successful pitches describe something happening in a specific place (a new form of worship in Oregon or a legal battle over a synagogue in Romania). The section generally does not include broad profiles of communities or people. Send submissions to Larry Cohler-Esses, cohleresses@forward.com.

OP-ED: The Forward Forum is, as its name implies, a forum for commentary on issues of importance to American Jewry. We’re open to all opinions, so long as they’re well-written and well-argued. Analytical pieces are our usual fare, but personal stories are also welcome, so long as they convey a broader message. Submissions should be 750-1,000 words in length, preferably sent as a Microsoft Word file. We try to respond to every submission, but if you haven’t heard from us within two weeks of pitching, you can assume we’ve decided to pass. Send submissions to Gal Beckerman, beckerman@forward.com.

ARTS & CULTURE: Arts & Culture includes feature pieces about and reviews of literature, film, theater, visual art, music and dance. In addition, the section also regularly includes broader “ideas” pieces (on, for example, how the development of the superhighway affected American spiritual life, or why there’s no such thing as Jewish guilt), as well as occasional works of fiction and poetry. Send submissions to Dan Friedman, dfriedman@forward.com.

FAST FORWARD: Fast Forward includes feature pieces on lifestyle, food, sports, fashion, entertainment and holidays, as well as the much beloved East Village Mamele column. The section’s tone tends toward the breezier side, and trend pieces — non-Jews dancing the “Hora” at their weddings, for example, or the new demand for designer kippot — are featured most prominently (and are in the greatest demand!). Send submissions to Laura Sinberg, sinberg@forward.com.

SPECIAL SECTIONS: The Forward publishes several regular special sections, including Education (January and August), Yiddish (February), Rabbinics and Spirituality (May), Genetics (August), and Giving/Philanthropy (November). Send submissions at least one full month in advance to swanson@forward.com.